Welcome to the Sherwood Forest Archery Center

We specialize in being one of the rare archery centers that is totally devoted to long and recurve bow shooting in the North West of Munich. There are no tournements, our main goal is the to have a good time with archery.

We provide facilities for both indoor and outdoor shooting, that way we are independent of weather and season, as well as loan equipment and instruction.

Many of our members have gone on from shooting with borrowed equipment to buying their own 

Some of our members also build their own arrows, and we periodically hold an arrow building workshop

We also work together with other archery centers and shops.


We now have the first Cinema Archery System in South Bayern.  Here you can shoot at moving targes projected on the Silver screen.

This system is also for Hire either at our Hall or at a Location of your Choice.

We also provide a wonderful Archery experience for Childrens Birthday Parties.