Sherwood Forest Archery Center started in November 2009 when I and a friend no longer had anywhere to shoot. We were offered the Riemensbergerhalle by Reinhart (Sage) Sagemann, landlord of the Sports Gaststätte TSV Eching if we cleaned the place up. We started with 2 lanes and 3 borrowed bows (as well as my own) and a pile o cheap arrows bought from the Internet.

Gradually word got around that Eching was a cool place to shoot, as everyone could now shoot through the winter.  There is lots of parking, and very quickly, more and more flatbow friends joined in.  It was winter, and although we had a roof over our head, it was bitter cold inside.  But with the right clothes, and we provided ample pots of coffee and Glühwein to keep everyone warm. Now we traditionally provide Breakfast on Sundays.

Summer this year we opened the outdoor shooting center as we were offered a field next door to the hall.  Here we have built 4 shooting lanes in the hall from 10 to 20 meters, as well as distances up to 60 Meters outside.

Since 2014 we have been shooting in our new Hall in Dietersheim, where we offer 10 Shooting Lanes, plus Cinema shooting where one is able to shoot at moving targets on the Silver Screen.  This is also available to hire either at our Location or one of your own choice (ie Hotels or Company Halls) 

We offer a choice of bow types, from modern recurves, American hunting bows, modern longbows as well as medieval longbows.  Arrows are either glassfibre, carbon and for the more experienced, custom built wood.